It’s ALWAYS Something Deeper

As I awoke this morning, this very clear and distinct message was the very first thing that popped into my head.  I don’t remember what I was dreaming, but this revelation was clear.


Symptoms are what we see.  We try to treat those symptoms to feel better.  What we really need to treat is what is actually causing those symptoms.  We need to dig deep inside and investigate to bring true healing.

This is true physically.  We feel pain, something hurts, and we can either pop some kind of pill to decrease that shooting pain, OR we can investigate to find out what is causing that pain and correct that.

This is true emotionally.  We feel anger, hatred, jealousy, or envy.  We can pop some kind of drug to mask how we feel, OR we can investigate to discover what is causing those feelings and work on healing the cause.

This is true spiritually.  We feel lost, afraid, alone, far away from God.  We can attend every church service, volunteer, read the Bible, OR we can choose to go deeper and work on healing and nurturing our actual RELATIONSHIP with God.

This is true relationally.  We feel unloved, ignored, de-valued.  We can work harder just to please the other person, we can look for new friends or a new spouse, we can blame others for how we feel they treat us, OR we can choose to go deeper and confront the real issues and build a close intimate marriage and true friendships.

BUT . . . .

  • going deeper hurts.
  • going deeper requires me to face my own failures and inadequacies
  • going deeper takes me to dark places
  • going deeper reveals pain that I don’t really want to remember
  • going deeper ultimately brings TRUE healing!
  • going deeper will make us healthier
  • going deeper will enable us to really use the skills and gifts God has given to us
  • going deeper will challenge us to live up to our God-given potential!

SO . . . . the choice is yours . . . .

  • Do you want just a temporary fix OR do you want true healing?
  • Are you going to just mask and avoid the pain OR are you willing to do the hard work to find and experience true healing?
  • Will you choose the easy way out of your marriage OR are you willing to humbly admit your own failures and shortcomings and CHOOSE to love, to grow, to bring healing and produce a deep intimate relationship?

Yes, it is hard work, painful work, life-changing work.

BUT the results, the growth, the joy, the freedom, the friendships, the marriage ~ it’s all worth fighting for ~ it causes growth ~ it produces fruit ~ it adds so much blessing into our lives.

It IS worth the journey.

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