Pondering ~ Feeding the Hungry

I was reading in Matthew 14 this morning.  John the Baptist is beheaded.  Jesus withdraws to a solitary place.  The crowds of people follow Him.  He has compassion on them and is moved to healing them.

Later as evening approaches, the crowds are hungry.  The disciples are ready to send the crowds away so that they can find their own food when Jesus instructs them to give the crowds something to eat.  The disciples show Jesus what little they have, and Jesus blesses it.  The food is distributed and lots of leftovers are collected after all have had their fill.

A few thoughts to ponder from this passage:

1)  There are crazy things happening in this world today.  Like Jesus, we need to find a private solitary place to spend time reading God’s Word, seeking and listening to His voice, to rest in His presence and love, and to cry out on behalf of the “sick”.  EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

2)  He chooses not only to teach us, but then instructs us to share the truth that He has taught us with those who are hungry for Him.  He allows us the privilege of sharing His truth and compassion in His ministry!  Verse 16, Jesus said, “They do not need to go away.  You give them something to eat.”

3)  Whatever little we think we have, Jesus can take it, bless it, and make it more than abundant to share with those around us who need a touch of His love.   Our responsibility is to walk in obedience to His instructions.

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