Sunlight and Sonlight

Yesterday morning, when I looked out our school office window, the sun was shining so beautifully and brightly.  By the time I had a chance to go outside to meander down the road, the cloud cover had taken over.  As I pondered this dilemma, I was reminded how Jesus is the Light of the world.  When we choose to allow Him to live in us, His light can shine brightly through us to warm and touch those around us.  But when we allow our judgmental attitudes, our thoughts, our misplaced priorities, our conversations . . . to take over us, to consume our day, Jesus’ light is hidden under a cloud cover in our lives.  Others around us can’t really see or feel Him.

~ Lord, help me today to allow Your Sonlight to shine brightly through me without any cloud cover. 

Launching into a New World

I have to say I’m a bit apprehensive to actually start this blog.  I’m afraid no one will be interested in reading it.  I’m afraid lots of people will want to read it.  I’m petrified of exposing some deepest parts of my being to the world.  I’m afraid that this will be a waste of time and worthless.  Maybe this whole exercise will be therapy for me.  Just maybe it will challenge me to be a better person, to walk more faithfully and obediently to an amazing God.  Just maybe it can reach out to touch you in some way, evoking some emotion ~ whether it be laughter or tears ~ or just maybe challenge you to work on forming  a new and healthy habit in your own life.

Most of all, I truly and humbly desire that this blog will somehow encourage at least one person to honor and glorify our Awesome Creator God.  Life here on this earth is so little about me and ALL about Him!  For that, I’m extremely excited.