On this page, I will share my absolute favorite things.  There are so many good things out there, and many of them are well-known.  That is not what you will find here.  I’m going to try to share the more unique things that we have loved and will continue to love and will want for our grandchildren ~ things that may be more unique and may not be as well-known.  Check back periodically for updates.

Favorite Books

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The Kingdom Tales trilogy is for all ages.

Every time I read them, I see new truths.

Children love it just for the story, but start to gain deeper understanding as they mature.

This is for preschool age. I read this often to my daughter and just can’t part from it even tho she is now older.

Uncle Arthur’s Bedtime Stories ~ This is a 20-volume set. We do not own the whole set, but my daughter has read all the available copies numerous times.

Devotionals geared for ages 5-10 years every Monday through Friday with special related activities for Saturday & Sunday.

The Promised Land Diaries series brings Bible characters and stories to life. Geared toward pre-teens, but I enjoyed the book as much as my daughter. This book is the only one we have been able to read so far, but we are hoping to obtain others in the series soon!

The Chronicles of Narnia Series – Focus on the Family did an excellent job producing all 7 books into audio drama.

           Max Lucado Books



Christmas (advent) and Easter (lent) Favorites

These 3 Advent Books are action packed.

Each day you are left hanging at an exciting moment.

We love the way the same characters appear in all 4 of his books!

Story of Christmas from the viewpoint of the animals in the stable. Lovable book for younger ages.

Board book, but text is for all ages.

Easter/Lent Story (same author as advent books above)