Random Bible 2.0

     Random Bible is designed to randomly find a book and chapter in the bible giving each chapter the same weight as another.   This is similar to randomly opening the bible to a page, but when this is done, there are pages that like to open more often than others, and very often the reader will open to the center rather than the outside edges giving the center more weight than the first and last hundred pages.

     Eventually Random Bible will provide a schedule to randomly read the bible in a prescribed time period, such as a year.   This functionality has not been included yet.   Please feel free to send me comments or suggestions for this program (email at the bottom of the page).   I would love to hear from anyone who finds this useful.   Thanks, Karl J. Boericke
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Pick all or any combination of the books below and press "Find Random Chapter"

Old Testament

Genesis 1 Kings Ecclesiastes Obadiah
Exodus 2 Kings Song of Solomon Jonah
Leviticus 1 Chronicles Isaiah Micah
Numbers 2 Chronicles Jeremiah Nahum
Deuteronomy Ezra Lamentations Habakkuk
Joshua Nehemiah Ezekiel Zephaniah
Judges Esther Daniel Haggai
Ruth Job Hosea Zechariah
1 Samuel Psalms Joel Malachi
2 Samuel Proverbs Amos

New Testament

Matthew 2 Corinthians 1 Timothy 2 Peter
Mark Galatians 2 Timothy 1 John
Luke Ephesians Titus 2 John
John Philippians Philemon 3 John
Acts Colossians Hebrews Jude
Romans 1 Thessalonians James Revelation
1 Corinthians 2 Thessalonians 1 Peter

Written by Karl Boericke
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